Bir Sayfa Seçin

Urban.koop is a collective network of independent urbanists.

It brings together NGOs, researchers and experts from diverse academic and institutional background working in urban scale. It provides a network where innovative urban policies, strategies, designs and practices are collectively created by sharing social resources.
Urban.koop is a fair sphere, where its components can give professional support to one another and can act in solidarity in terms of economic, social and human resources.

Urban.koop aims to build institutional capacity for independent professionals working on urban studies.

Urban.koop is a platform that lets experts operating in different disciplines of urban studies, to be able to work independently. It brings together the social resources and experiences of young professionals who have the know-how, expertise and personal network regarding their own fields but do not have the institutional capacity. It aims to create this capacity via collective action.

Urban.koop aims to sustain innovative research and discussion opportunities by creating its own resources.

Urban.koop aims to fuel innovative debates in urban studies through the social capacity it creates. It funds research programs and publications. By bringing together academic knowledge and experience of local actors; Urban.koop maintains an independent sphere for urban debate.

Urban.koop aims to build bridges between independent experts and different strata of civil society, academia and local governments.

Urban.koop aims to connect different actors of the urban debate by building social capital. Thanks to its members with diverse backgrounds and experiences, it can build bridging bonds between different levels of national and international civil society, universities, private sector and local governments. Urban.koop aims to create new opportunities in urban studies via these bridges.


What does it do?

● Developing Urban Strategy: Urban.koop provides consultancy services in urban strategy and urban design/practice to local governments.

● Sustaining Urban Networks: Urban.koop builds bridges between international/national and local NGOs. It acts as a mediator between local governments and civil society.


● Curating Urban Public Programs: Designs and implements participatory programs with its resources, aiming to create common public benefits.

● Conducting Urban Research: Urban.koop supports research programs in urban studies. It raises funds for research projects.